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Hallo every body, good morning? ……. How are you to day ? ……. I hope you are alright.
Before I tell you a legend, let’s me introduce my self. My name is ……… I am from “Ngliman “ village. Do you know “Ngliman ? Ok. It is a quiet village on the mountain near the “Sedudo” waterfall in “Sawahan District.
Ladies and gentleman
Many time ago lived a holly man on the mountain near a waterfall. He is a religious man He is a good Moslem. His lives just for the GOD. He like to do everything good. He like helping the people. He has many knowledge especially about Islam. So many people came to visit him. They were not only from the government but also from the heroes, such as Soekarno, Supriadi, Bung Tome and any others.
He has many students too. They studied about Islam, spiritual and human live based on Islamic.
He touch his students in any places. One of them is “Sedepok”. Do you know Seedpod? It is a quiet place far away from human live, climb up the mountain about five kilo meters from Sedudo waterfall. In “Sedepok” the students have meditation, pray and some ritual activities to be closer to the GOD
He built a mosque in the village. The students have pray together and do social activities. They practice how to defend the live, they learn how to fight the enemy. They have weapons; sword, harpoon, keris, selerong(twin knifes) and the most usual weapon is an umbrella. It is not only a weapon but also it’s a symbol of association, peacefulness , protection and many other function. They kept them in a special building is named “Gedong Pusoko”
Ladies and gentleman
He become famous and a lot of people came to visit him. And among of them stayed permanently in those area. Those location became a small village.
He was pass away and buried in those location. But no one understand about him
Who his name? Where he come from? And a mount question about him. so the people call him based his ability. “ALIMAN” or “MBAH NGLIMAN” it is from Arabic language. “ALIMAN” mean ; a man who has many knowledge. And so the village name is “Ngliman” village.
Ladies and gentleman
There are some secret, religious and interesting tourist resort in “Ngliman :
Nine water falls from four different spring, “Sedepok” Meditation area, Mystery of doorstep in Ngliman grave, Unusual spring in the mosque bathroom, “Gedong Pusoko and any others. They need our attention. Keep them as our environment.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Do you know “Sedudo” waterfall? I think among of you knew it well. Because
It is the famous one in east java. It is the highest waterfall in our country. But not many people know about the legend of “Sedudo” waterfall.
Ladies and gentleman
I would like to tell you about “Sedudo” waterfall
Once upon a time, lived a young man and a young woman as a family in resident Berbek. He is handsome and beautiful woman. They were rich couple but unhappy family. They had difficult problem about the principle of life. Her husband thought ; The life is from the GOD will back to the GOD. Everything is for the GOD. Properties and goods are not importance for him. But his wife thought : The live is for happy , rich and properties is very importance every things is for herself.
They couldn’t solve those problem. They came to a great man in Kuncir and suggested to do the best, work hard without thinking about the result. They back and did them all.
Time by time a month change years, They became very rich. His wife very happy everyday she is proud talks and thinks about her riches. She forgot her husband and the GOD. It made her husband more sad and angry. He left his wife and went to a holly man in Ngliman. He learned much about Islam. He like staying in quiet place and had meditation under a waterfall.He did it for many days event month. He forgot his wife.
One day he woke up and wanted to see his wife at home. But he was not find her. There was only an old woman with angry face.“ Go away ! This is mine.
She shouted. “Who are you an old woman?” He replayed. The old woman very angry to him and said many bad words. He was sad and confuse. Where my wife is ? Who the old woman is ? Why she very angry to me ? He though and though
but there was no answer so he decided to stay under the waterfall for his live as a widower. He did know that the women was his wife. She was old.
His wife stayed alone at home, no husband no child and no friend. She got old and weak. Her face was not beautiful. Everyone didn’t like her anymore. She was very sad and un happy. She decided to left the life and went far away. She didn’t want to see her husband and so lived at home. She stayed on the mountain under a waterfall as a widow for all her live. She is a trial widow.
Ladies and gentleman
A Widower mean SEDUDO, so we call those waterfall with “SEDUDO WATERFALL”
Widow mean RONDO, in trial mean COBAAN, so we call those waterfall with COBAN RONDO

Ladies and gentleman
People believe the people who has ritual bath under the sedudo water fall in month Suro they will stay young forever. So Nganjuk regency has ritual bath for the:Waranggono” every year .
For young man and girl
I suggest “ don’t come to sedudo in a couple ( with your boy friend/ girl friend) You will get a hard problem in the next time with him/her. Believe or not up to you.
Sedudo is consisted of three waterfalls but the second is the most popular. Do you want to know more about The secret of Sedudo ? Contact us please !
I think the time is up. I say sorry for my mistakes and thanks for your attention
Bye… bye

These two examples of storytellings were created by students of SMP Negeri 1 Sawahan
Kabupaten Nganjuk East Java

                                          THE LEGEND OF PRAMBANAN TEMPLE

              Once upon a time of Java island Lies two kingdom, Kindom of Pengging and Keraton Boko. The King of Pengging named Prabu damar Moyo, and has the only son named Bandung Bondowoso. While The King of Boko is very cruel, strong, tall, like a giant, But he has very beautiful daughter named Princess Roro Jonggrang.
              One day Prabu Boko so has Patih like a giant his named Patih Gupolo and Prabu Boko wants to rebels and power Pengging Kingdom.
*Boko                :  “Hahaha, hai Gupolo and my soldiers, let’s we rebels and power Pengging Kindom”
 *Soldiers            : “Go keraton Boko 3x”
And than the soldier of Boko Rooted together went to pengging kindom
*Gupolo         :     “Fouted....?”
After that many soldier from Pengging losed and deadth in the war, knowing it, Prabu Damar Moyo sent Raden Bandung Bondowoso went to the war.
*Damar        : “my son, please help our soldiers to safe our kindom”
*Bandung    : “yes father, of course”
And than Raden Bandung Bondowoso went to the war
*Bandung    : “Hai, you the king of Boko, you must die in my hand”
Finally Raden Bandung Bondowoso can killed Boko King, seeing yhe king dead. Then prime Gupolo escape. But Raden Bandung Bondowoso pursue Patih Gupolo to Keraton Boko.
*Gupolo         :     “I must report to princess Roro Jonggrang”
After than Patih Gupolo arrived in keraton Boko and Patih Gupolo reported on princess
                   *Gupolo         :     “Princess, princess where are you ???”
                   *Roro           : “what happen Gupolo?”
*Gupolo         :     “the king, the king was died in the war. He died because Bandung Bondowoso”
*Roro           : “what, are you sure???? Oh father why you leave me father”
Suddenly Raden Bondowoso arrived in the keraton Boko. He has amazing to see a beautiful princess.
*Bandung    : “woow, you are a beautiful girl. I want to marry with you. I am falling in love with you?
*Roro           : “what??? After you killed my father you want to marry with me ...??? oh no,no,no
*Bandung    : “Boko kindom is mine, Because we are as the winner in the war, so you must marry with me!!!
*Roro           : “ok,ok Iwant to marry with you, But if you can make 1000 temples in one night”
*Bandung    : “it is no problem to me my darling?”
And than Raden Bandung Bondowoso command his  workers from genie tribe to help him build the 1000 temples
*Bandung    : “Genie help me to make 1000 temples in one night”
*Genie          :  “All right, but if the sun has rise, we must go”
*Bnadung    : “ok, now you must make it, hurry up”
The 1000 Temples are building up,But princess Roro Jonggrang wants to sabutage the planning of Bondowoso
*Roro           : “Hai ladies?? Come here, please?
*Ladies        : “what happen?”
*Roro           : “you all must help me, you must pound the grinding rice and also bruns lots ofpaddy’s straw. So the rooster was crowing. They think the morning has arrived”
*Ladies        : “all right princess, we willl do it”
So the rooster are crowing
After that the Genie take a look the sky, and the leader of to bondowoso that have stopped to make the temple because the morning has arrived
*Genie            :  “stop-stop? We must go now”
*Bandung    : “wait-wait you must go back”
So Bondowoso wan’t be able to marry the princess because he can’t make 1000 temples
*Roro           : “How Raden Bandung Bondowoso? Have you finish???”
*Bandung    : “oh no Roro, it’s all because you, you cheated me “
*Roro           : “oh no I will counted the temples 1,2,3,400,999. You only make 999 , so tou can’t marry with me!
*Bandung    : “you have become me angry Roro. Ok but the thausand temples is tou i taste it?
And finally the princess turned into a statue, now the complete 1000


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